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Felicita Sala


Felicita is a self taught illustrator. She graduated in Philosophy from the University of Western Australia. She has illustrated several picture books, such as Mr.Crum’s Potato Predicament, Big Foot and Little Foot, She Made a Monster and Ode to an Onion. She is the author and illustrator of Lunch at n.10, Pomegranate Street. She draws inspiration from folk art and music, mid-century illustration, byzantine iconography, nature, and children. She lives in Rome with her husband and their daughter, Nina.

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Big Foot and Little Foot Book Series


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Book Dedications by Felicita Sala

  • For Sara, Tom, Luca, Ester, Mattia, Claudia, Francesco, and those still to come.
    Green on Green
  • For Nina and Niccolo, may your roots go deep and your branches reach high. With love,
    Be a Tree!