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Lizzy Rockwell is a picture book author and illustrator with over 35 books published. Her artwork can also been found in games, magazines and murals. Lizzy loves science, food, and animals, all of which have been themes in her books. Much of what she knows about making books, she learned as a child. Her parents, Anne and Harlow Rockwell made books in their home studio in Connecticut, when Lizzy and her brother and sister were growing up. As an adult, Lizzy collaborated as illustrator on 19 books written by her mother. Her favorite things to draw are animals, plants, landscapes, and children’s faces.

When Lizzy is not working in her studio, in Bridgeport, CT, she might be found in her garden, baking in her kitchen, or taking long walks at the beach and the woods, with her English Setter, Reggie. She also volunteers every week as artistic director and community organizer for a quilting group called Peace by Piece: The Norwalk Community Quilt Project.

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